The 340B Coalition
Presents the

12th Annual 340B Coalition Conference
on Improving Access to Pharmaceutical Care and Ensuring
Compliance with Federal and State Laws

July 14-16, 2008
Omni Shoreham Hotel
Washington DC
340B Prime Vendor Program
This event has now concluded, however you can still purchase a CD of the presentations or a binder of all of the conference materials (more details below). Please join us next year for the 13th Annual 340B Coalition Conference
July 13-15, 2009 at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC.
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A conference designed for health care providers, the pharmaceutical industry, pharmacies, pharmacy service companies, government agencies, and other entities concerned about providing quality pharmaceutical care to low income and vulnerable populations while ensuring compliance with drug pricing laws.
While the country is caught up in the fervor of a historic presidential election, 340B stakeholder groups - including safety net providers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesalers and related parties - are already speculating about the impact of a new administration in Washington on the future of the 340B program.   Improving federal oversight of the 340B program has been the repeated battle cry over the past five years by the Office of Inspector General (OIG), key members of Congress, and even the federal agency charged with administering the 340B program.  Yet, just when it appeared that these calls for reform would culminate in a first-ever line item appropriation, the 340B earmark was removed from the 2008 spending bill at the last minute and omitted in its entirety from the President's proposed budget for 2009.   340B stakeholders are hopeful that, with new leadership in both the White House and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), there will be renewed interest in directing much-needed resources to HRSA to improve federal administration of the 340B program.

Besides 340B funding challenges, a new Administration will confront several unresolved policy issues that could have a dramatic impact on the scope of the 340B program in years to come.   Among the issues hanging in the balance are:
  • how HRSA will decide which covered entity patients are eligible to receive 340B drugs and which are not;
  • whether 340B providers will be able to contract with multiple pharmacies, such as chain drug stores, through which to dispense 340B drugs;
  • how health systems, manufacturers and others in the pharmacy supply chain will cope as more states require NDC reporting and request manufacturer rebates on physician-administered drugs; and
  • when and how children's hospitals will be able to purchase 340B drugs.
Some of these questions may be answered before the new President takes office, but some may not.

With the 2008 Presidential election just months away, safety net providers, manufacturers, and other program stakeholders are invited to a three-day conference in Washington, DC to learn about the latest developments in the 340B program and how to maximize its benefits while complying with program requirements.   This event is co-hosted by the 340B Coalition and the 340B Prime Vendor Program.   You will hear from the leading experts on the 340B program from government and the private sector.   This conference is unparalleled in providing timely information and relevant strategies for providers, government agencies, and industry on how to expand access to pharmaceutical care while complying with the complex array of drug pricing laws at both the federal and state levels.

The program will offer three separate tracks including a new feature of small roundtable discussions that will enable more dialogue and ensure educational value.   Track One sessions are designed for covered entities, retail pharmacies, consultants and other stakeholders interested in learning more about how to implement and optimize the 340B program.   Attendees will hear from covered entities, OPA, and HRSA's two government contractors.   340B participation requires the adoption of unique drug purchasing and inventory management systems which, in turn, may require infrastructure changes such as investment in new staff, split-billing software programs and other information system technologies.  This track will focus on practical solutions to the challenges of meeting anti-diversion and Medicaid billing requirements.   Both vendors and provider representatives will describe their implementation models to help attendees identify and understand a "best practices" approach for their institutions.   How to establish and effectively monitor a 340B contract pharmacy arrangement will also be explored in depth.

Track Two will meet the needs of the broader community of 340B stakeholders, including not only covered entities but also pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesalers, consultants, advocates and other 340B vendors.   Track Two sessions will cover a wide range of important issues:
  • government's proposed changes to the 340B definition of patient;
  • legislation to expand 340B to new entities and extend the program to inpatient drugs;
  • enrollment of children's hospitals into the program;
  • government's proposed expansion of the number of 340B pharmacies;
  • increased transparency of 340B calculations affording covered entities a way to identify potential overcharges for the first time;
  • update on 340B Prime Vendor Program, including contracts with manufacturers for subceiling discounts and efforts to increase pricing transparency; and
  • efforts to prevent drug diversion and price overcharges, including an update on federal investigations and enforcement.
Speakers will provide a status update on each of these topic areas and will share what they believe are the future trends to watch for.

Other topics that will be covered during Track Two relate to the impact of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 (DRA) on the 340B program.   January 1 was the deadline for Medicaid programs to implement a provision requiring states to collect NDC information for physician-administered drugs so that states can obtain rebates from manufacturers for such drugs.  Although many states have secured temporary hardship waivers, others have already begun implementation.   Conference speakers will address a range of relevant topics including:
  • federal and state Medicaid perspectives on collection of NDC data and manufacturer rebates on physician-administered drugs;
  • impact of NDC reporting and rebate collection on providers, industry and advocacy groups; and
  • other DRA measures impacting the 340B program including changes to average manufacturer price (AMP), best price and nominal prices.
Track Three sessions are designed to be small roundtable sessions that will allow for a more intimate discussion with panel expert and allow for more questions and answers. These sessions will be limited to 50 attendees each.

You cannot afford to miss this critical conference.
 Hear from 340B Experts
You will hear from key government officials who implement the 340B and Medicaid drug rebate programs including regulators from the Office of Pharmacy Affairs (OPA) and federal and state officials from the Medicaid program. You will also hear from other government agencies about the latest investigatory and enforcement initiatives affecting 340B and Medicaid. Other speakers will include important legislative staff members who have played a role in implementation of the 340B program and other key pharmaceutical programs such as Medicare Part D and the Medicaid rebate program. Learn from Washington insiders about what they believe would be the impact on 340B if Senators McCain, Obama or Clinton are elected President in November.
 Who Should Attend
  • Pharmacists and clinic directors at institutions providing care to low-income and uninsured populations
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesalers, GPO and pharmacy service industries
  • Retail, chain pharmacies, and other providers that contract with 340B entities
  • State Medicaid Pharmacy Directors and Drug Assistance Program Managers
  • Part D and Medicare Advantage plans, PBMs, and other insurance companies
  • Consultants, attorneys and other compliance experts
  • Federal, state and local policy makers and government relations directors
  • AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) officials and AIDS service organizations
  • Other providers of health care for the uninsured and vulnerable populations
View Conference Highlights and Agenda

Choose from two pre-conference workshops on the morning of July 14th:

1) Introduction to the Federal 340B Drug Pricing Program
Learn all the basics about the 340B program.  Perfect for newcomers or those who need a refresher course. (more information)

2) Recent Developments in Patient Assistance Programs
Learn about recent developments in manufacturer patient assistance programs including the results from recent surveys of hospitals and health centers. (more information)

Continuing Education Credits for Pharmacists Available!

Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Continuing education credits for pharmacists will be made available for this conference.

Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) continuing education credits provided by Comprehensive Pharmacy Services.
 Costs (Payments Must be Made Prior to the Conference)
Pre-Conference Workshop, July 14, 8:45 am to 1:00 pm*
Main Conference, July 14, 1:15 pm to July 16, 12:00 pm

Note: When registering you will have the option to select whether you want to attend the pre-conference workshop.

Registration Fees**
Pre-Conference Workshop
Main Conference
340B Coalition Members***
Government/Non-Profit Subscribers to the Federal Drug Discount and Compliance Monitor
Non-Profit Participants in the
340B Prime Vendor Program****
Non-Profit Health Care Providers/Government
Industry - Health or Pharmacy-Related Companies or Firms, Other Businesses
Industry Subscribers to the
Federal Drug Discount and Compliance Monitor
Contracted Suppliers of the
340B Prime Vendor Program****
*Please note that there will be a welcome reception and dinner limited to hospitals and SNHPA corporate partners on
Sunday, July 13, 2008 from 5:30-8:30 pm at the conference hotel.  There will be an additional cost of $50 to attend this
event and registration is required.

**Please note that registration fees increased $50, $100, $200 and $200 respectively after June 6, 2008.

***If you are unsure as to whether your institution is part of a 340B Coalition organization, please view the list of current 340B Coalition members at

****If you are unsure whether your organization/company is either a non-profit member of, or contracted supplier of, the 340B Prime Vendor Program, please visit

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Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the conference!
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