The 340B Coalition

Fourth Annual 340B Coalition Winter Conference
Update on Key Operational and Compliance Issues

January 30 - February 1, 2008
Westin Long Beach
Long Beach, CA
340B Prime Vendor Program
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 Conference Highlights
The conference will address several vital areas of the 340B drug discount program including:
  1. The use of contract pharmacies to dispense 340B-discounted drugs.
  2. The 340B impact of state Medicaid changes under the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 (DRA).
  3. Compliance with 340B inventory management and anti-diversion standards.
  4. Legislative and regulatory update from Washington, DC.
The conference agenda has been organized into two tracks to meet the interests of conference attendees. Track One is designed for covered entities and other parties that are interested in learning about how to operationalize the 340B program. Track Two will appeal to the broader community of 340B stakeholders, including the pharmaceutical industry, that might be more interested in hearing about recent developments involving 340B policy and compliance and expert analysis of such developments. All attendees are free to attend any Track One or Track Two session that interests them.

Track One topics include:
  • How to identify and address pre-implementation issues including whether a contract pharmacy arrangement makes sense for a 340B facility
  • Operationalizing a contract pharmacy program
  • Compliance with inventory management standards and how to establish a stock replacement system as an alternative to maintaining physically separate 340B and retail inventories
  • Opportunities to contract with mail order and central fill pharmacies
  • Multiple contract pharmacy arrangements and 340B demonstration projects
  • Proposed government changes to expand the use of 340B contract pharmacies
  • Compliance with 340B inventory management and anti-diversion standards
Track Two topics include:
  • Medicaid representatives discuss their respective plans to collect NDC data and manufacturer rebates on physician-administered drugs.
  • The impact of these initiatives will be analyzed from the perspective of both covered entities and the drug industry;
  • How changes in AMP and best price will impact 340B pricing
  • Nominal price contracting in a post-DRA Era
Representatives from the Office of Pharmacy Affairs and its two federal contractors will speak.  Attendees will also hear from 340B Coalition representatives who are on the frontlines of monitoring and lobbying on legislation that would have a dramatic impact on the 340B program.  These update sessions will cover a wide range of important issues:
  • Government’s proposed changes to the 340B definition of patient
  • Legislation to expand 340B program to new entities and extend program to inpatient drugs
  • Enrollment of children’s hospitals into the program
  • Government’s proposed expansion of the number of pharmacies with 340B
  • Increased transparency of 340B calculations affording covered entities a way to identify potential overcharges for the first time
  • Update on 340B Prime Vendor Program, including contracts with manufacturers for subceiling discounts and efforts to increase pricing transparency
  • Efforts to prevent drug diversion, including federal investigations and enforcement
Conference Attire: Business Casual

Continuing Education Credits for Pharmacists will be Available!
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